Surefire Tips To Survive Longer in Agario

By Adam Norris | Game Tips

Feb 06

There are many Agario cheats and Agario hacks: more info here, which you can use to survive longer in the game but to make those hacks and cheats effective, you also need to learn the basic strategies of the game. Below are some basic tips that are helpful for beginners, but it might also help more advanced players, too.

The basic idea of the game is to absorb as many cells as you can without getting swallowed by the bigger cells. To do this, try and use the following effective strategies.

Split only when needed

The bigger your cell becomes, the slower it will become and make it hard for you to manoeuvre your cell. However, the game gives you the ability to split the cell in certain situations. But, use this move wisely. You should only split when it is really necessary. You can regroup the cell after you have split it up, but it can take some the time to do so, especially if the game is busy with other players. Agario is a popular multiplayer adventure game, so you should expect many other players online at the same time as you. You can still retrieve the cells you have split up, but they can be targeted by other enemy cells. Because of this, you should not split your cell into anymore than two. However, if you are being chased by a large cell it can be a useful tactic to divide your cell and use the increased speed to make your escape

Measure the size of the opponent

Comparing the size of your enemy cells is crucial as you can use this when trapping, splitting and even planning the next moves against your opponent. Make sure you keep in mind that you will need at least ten percent more mass than your enemy so that you can swallow him when you are in one piece. When you are split, you must have at least 25 percent more mass.

Avoid the corners

Whilst in other Agario cheats and Agario hacks it tells you about using the edges and corners as a way to trap your enemies, you have to be careful that it won’t be used against you when bigger enemies approach. In fact, they are the deadliest areas on the map, as you get easily caught by other bigger cells. They don’t even need to split to do this. Only use the edges and walls as a last resort.

Stay away from teams

While some players find an advantage in playing with teams, other players find it annoying. This is especially true among those that have split up into several pieces and then get back together later with their other teammates in a matter of seconds. Technically, this is playing without the splitting cool down period. Some see this as a great advantage, while others feel this is unfair.

Open space is the safest place

This is the most obvious, given that the bigger cells are not going to be there since they are looking for enemies to swallow? However, open space is not easy to find if there are usually so many people online.

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