The Real Benefits of Playing Games

By Adam Norris | Video Games

Oct 25

You’ve probably heard every time you play a game for more than 3 hours that you’re just wasting your time as you are getting nothing from it. Playing games must have some benefits, right? I mean there can be a lot of useful and educational information in it. Also, there are puzzles in games that encourage your brain to think differently to solve the puzzle and unlock the door or whatever the objective in the game it is. So let’s see what benefits you can gain from playing video games.


Learn or Upgrade your Language skills.

Every modern game and plenty of oldies have an option to change the language. This is extremely useful if you want to learn the language or even increase your knowledge of it. Motivation was always the key in the learning process. And what better motivation do you need than playing a game. To do what the game asks of you, you need to understand the objective. And to get the objective right you need to figure out what they tried to say. And as you progress in whatever language you can advance to more difficult games with more challenging puzzles. So learning a language is definitely one of the possible benefits that we mentioned earlier.

Improve your sight.

Despite people saying that games can ruin your sight and make you blind, researchers found that playing games actually helps you see better. This happens because usually in games you have to focus on something that is far away and things that are in front of your face. Also, you need to pay attention to many details in order to prevail. This way the muscles that help the iris expand and shrink gets stronger. It’s like going to a gym for eyeball muscles to put it in simpler terms. So go ahead, play games all you want especially if you have problems with your vision, your sight can only get better and better with each hour of the game played.

Learn History.

Many games has accurate historical information, especially point and click and games that don’t focus on a simple arcade or hack and slash. So if you like to learn about ancient Greece or any other country you should play games that have their mythology or something about their history in it. You can learn all sorts of stuff, and you’ll be surprised by the amount of seemingly unimportant information these games contain. Try out different genres and find out which one is the most educational. Then just stick to that genre. The importance of the small things matters, because although you might not learn all you can about Greece by playing Age of Mythology, you will get a pretty good idea what their deities were all about and how their inhabitants behaved.

Now that you have even more reason to play video games you can dive into the dark corner of your room and play your favorite game.

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