How Video Games Can Make One Smart

By Adam Norris | Gaming News

Sep 21

A lot has been said about the bad effects of gaming. If you think about it, computer or console games are just like any other popular activities. They are entertaining and can be addictive just like the rest. But it’s only gaming that gets so many thumbs down from parents.

Instead of being called a hobby, it’s called a time-waster and a no brainer. Furthermore, a lot of people (parents and those from media, primarily) blame computer games for some youngsters violent or anti-social behavior.

These people feel very confident with what they’re claiming because they say they have research to back them up.

But there’s also a good deal of research that says that gaming can actually be good for the brain. For the parents out there, yes, video games can make your kids smart.


Here’s how It trains one to follow instructions- A gamer would definitely not enjoy the experience if he doesn’t know how to follow the game guide. Simple games teach little kids when and which of the computer’s arrow keys to press. The difficult games offer a more complex set of instructions for the older players.

And don’t underestimate the instructions in games because they can really be tricky. Following instructions is a valuable skill that one has to use in school. It enhances memory. How often do parents give their children foods and supplements that enhance the memory?

They should know that gaming helps improve their children’s memory. In other words – gaming is the best supplement that enhances one’s memory that you can get for free some times.

 As your child plays a particular game, he will be able to memorize each of its stages bit by bit. He may not realize it at once, but he is able to memorize which keys to press for a move. He knows when each opponent will appear (if it’s RPGs that he’s into), and what keys to press for a certain move.

And isn’t superb memory a distinct characteristic of smart people? We can get that in gaming. It develops reasoning- there are many strategies that a gamer can think of to beat an opponent.

While playing the game, he comes up with his own reasons or justifications for using a particular strategy. As he progresses, the challenges become harder, and therefore the player has to think more in order to overcome an obstacle.

It is like the player is in a science lab trying to figure out which formula or solution to use in a certain experiment. He’ll try every strategy just like a hypothesis, then concludes in the end which weapon or move will defeat the enemy.

Video games aren’t dumb, there are only good and great games. Some people like more complex games, while some people like simple games just to have fun and kill some time. Of course, the more complex the games, the more your brain works.

Therefore, video games are not only for fun – they are for improving your memory, brain and overall cognitive functions – it just sometimes that we don’t see that.

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